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Rates & Prices

All rates & prices are open for negotiation. Reach out via the Contact page with any questions or considerations.


£30 per minute of music written per instrument

(ex. 5 minute string quartet = £600)


£20 per minute of music arranged per instrument

(ex. 3 minute rock song arranged for solo classical guitar = £60)


£30 hourly rate plus mileage based on daily county averages (Source). Performance times/durations that require me to purchase a meal will include an additional fee of £10.


£30 for each recorded stem provided for work(s). £30 per hour for any production/mixing.


£5 for any PDF

£5 per page for any paper copies

Individual parts can be ordered for £5 per part for any PDF or £5 per page per part for any hard copies


£5 per page



    Gabriel Almazan is a music composer, performer, and copyist in classical and commercial music genres. He has his Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from California State University, Los Angeles, where he studied under Dr. John M. Kennedy, Dr. Sara Graef, and Prof. Steve Wight. He plays bass guitar, classical and electric guitar, drums, piano, and has performed some vocal work. As a composer, Gabriel won the 2017 Gohar & Ovanes Andriassian Classical Guitar Composition Competition for his guitar quartet, Party Person, he has had premieres in Europe and the United States, and he has composed for various mediums, styles, and genres. As a performer, Gabriel has recorded one studio-produced full-length LP as well as multiple self-produced compositions, and he has performed numerous shows around Southern California.

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